Our mission is to continue to stand out among truck driving companies by consistently delivering world-class OTR trucking and Regional truck driving services to the Midwest and Northeast regions of the United States. LCL Bulk is committed to maintaining our position as a premier regional trucking company and an exemplary employer for CDL Class A truck drivers across the country. We commit to maintaining high standards during our CDL Class A recruiting activity to safeguard our capacity bringing the most cutting-edge and efficient logistics solutions to our customers.

LCL Bulk is committed to boosting our clients’ competitive value by ensuring that our services are always characterized by innovation, efficiency, high value, and logistic creativity. To achieve this, we tailor our trucking operations to ensure that:

  1. Our customers remain our number one priority as they are the driving force behind our business. In other words, we need our customers to stay in the CDL class A truck driving industry. We must demonstrate our acknowledgment of our customers’ importance in the way we serve them. As a result, we always strive to ensure that our customers’ needs are met efficiently and effectively.
  2. Our working environment is a crucial element in our operations, and it must remain professional so that employees all feel valued and appreciated. Our drivers work hard to deliver on the LCL Bulk promises, and their contribution to the company’s success is immeasurable. Therefore, drivers on our teams deserve the best compensation packages comprising attractive OTR trucking benefits as well as CLD class A benefits.
  3. The established return on invested capital is met consistently, resulting in the continued feasibility of the company.
  4. LCL Bulk develops and maintains a strong reputation for being the carrier of choice for over the road trucking and other haulage services thereby remaining among the country’s top OTR trucking companies.

We believe wholeheartedly that a professional team is the driving force behind the attainment of our mission to offer world-class OTR and Regional truck driving services. As a result, we carry out our CDL class A recruiting processes in a very strategic manner while also providing our entry-level CDL Class A drivers with continuous support to improve their performance.

LCL Bulk Transport will continue to live up to our name as one of the nation’s top Regional trucking companies, while also prioritizing excellent CDL Class A truck driving jobs. These two core elements of our mission, we believe, will allow us to continue to impact the nation’s commercial and logistics industries positively.

To speak to a recruiter call:

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