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Before starting a new career, you will want to make sure an average CDL driver’s salary fits your needs. While the CDL salary will range slightly depending on what type of cargo you are hauling and the company you are working for, it should fall into the average. In this article, we look closer at the average CDL driver salary so you can determine if the job is right for you.

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Average Salary for New CDL Drivers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average CDL salary is around $47,000 per year. However, you can expect a higher CDL Class A salary if you have experience and spend more time driving over-the-road (OTR). Additionally, if you are a brand-new driver, your salary will likely be lower than average until you gain more experience. Furthermore, the location of the job can dramatically affect your yearly salary.

Class A CDL Driver Average Salary

A Class A CDL driver’s salary will be higher than the other CDL classes. There’s more responsibility as a Class A driver, which is why the rate goes up accordingly. Overall, you should be able to find a job with a CDL Class A average salary between $45,000 and $70,000. Don’t forget to factor in the benefits you receive, adding more value to the job.

Class B CDL Driver Average Salary

The Class B CDL salary might be lower than the Class A, but it still provides a good-paying job. Typically, a CDL Class B salary falls between $35,000 and $50,000. However, as a Class B Driver, you won’t spend as much time away from home and will likely have less responsibility. Again, you want to examine the benefits in-depth to see what other value the position offers.

Highest Paying Truck Driver Salaries

If you want to earn the maximum salary, you should consider being a Class A CDL driver. These truck drivers earn the highest average salary. Additionally, an OTR truck driver will get far more than the average CDL driver. If you want to top out the pay scale, consider driving a tank truck and getting special endorsements.

The average CDL driver’s salary also goes higher based on what state you are operating from. For example, companies in Nevada tend to offer the highest starting wages, with Mississippi and Kentucky close behind. However, you can also earn an excellent starting salary in Utah, South Carolina, Arizona, New Mexico, Indiana, Idaho, and Montana.

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