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The Class A CDL test requires preparation and study because there is a lot of information to remember. In general, the CDL manual is about 180 pages, so you aren’t going to be able to memorize the manual. Instead of spending your time stressed out over the Class A CDL permit test, we will help you focus on the important content.

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Class A CDL Permit Test

Before taking the Class A CDL test, you must take the permit test first. Before you get started, you want to make sure you are eligible. To get a Class A CDL, you must be:

  • 18 years old (or 21 if you’re going to drive interstate)
  • A current driver’s license holder

Once you determine eligibility, you need to take the permit test, which provides you with a CDIP. In this test, you won’t have to do any driving. Instead, it is just a written exam similar to what you passed when you got your regular driver’s license. However, all of the questions are focused on commercial driving instead.

CDL Class A General Knowledge Test

The CDL Class A General Knowledge Test focuses on essential questions related to commercial driving. In most states, you must obtain an 80% or higher score to pass. You can find numerous Class A CDL practice test sites online that will help you get prepared.

Class A CDL Air Brakes Test

To drive with air brakes, you must first pass the Class A CDL Air Brake Test. This requirement is different from an endorsement test because air brakes are considered a restriction rather than an endorsement. If you cannot pass an air brake test, the CDL will contain a restriction mark showing you aren’t authorized to operate trucks with air brakes.

CDL Class A Combination Test

The CDL Class A Combination Test allows you to pull a trailer with your truck. Since combination vehicles tend to be longer and heavier, you will need advanced driving skills to obtain this license. You need to understand vital safety measures that only apply to combination vehicles.

Class A CDL Road Test

The CDL Class A Road Test operates just like your regular driver’s license test, except you will be behind the wheel of your truck. Some infractions resulting in automatic failures would include getting into an accident or running a red light. However, you might also fail if you hit a curb, forget to shift, turn too wide or roll backward from a stop.

Class A CDL Practice Tests

You can find a multitude of online Class A CDL practice tests. Some sites offer questions for free, but there are also some premium sites that you can pay for a practice test. You can never be too prepared to take your Class A CDL test.

Learn More About Class A CDL Tests In Your State

Before you prepare to take your test, you should learn more about Class A CDL requirements in your state. Call your local DMV or visit your state DMV online to get this list of requirements to determine what is on your local test. You can look through your state’s manual to better understand what you will need to know.

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