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What are the 2022 trucking industry trends that you should be aware of? With so many changes occurring over just the past year, it’s insightful to dive deeper into what’s coming down the pipeline. In this guide, we look at new technology, increased volume, and the rising cost of fuel. We also show you how the data analytics are improving efficiency and how there’s a massive shift to production locations. Whether you are a Class A CDL truck driver or someone looking for transport solutions, this forecast helps you understand what’s going on.

Trends for the Trucking Industry in 2022:

Increase in Volume for Freight Trucking Industry

The most crucial change to e-commerce freight shipping is the increased volume. Industry reports suggest that the United States will see a nearly 25 percent increase in tonnage during 2022, which will lead to a revenue increase of more than 65%.

Where is this additional transport need coming from? For starters, people are ordering more things online, increasing the number of products shipped around the country. Additionally, rails continue to decline, moving to 14.6 percent of the freight transport share. This decline is shifting more business to the trucking industry as a whole.

Improved Technology for Truck Cabs

New semi-truck technology helps to streamline the processes. With new software programs in play, productivity is increased. Additionally, trucks are now equipped with better tracking systems and equipment that boosts functionality. With the ability to manage deliveries better, customers are always satisfied and looking to provide repeat business.

Fuel Cost Rising Across the Board

There’s no question that gas prices are on the rise. While the EPA estimated that diesel would hit $3.77 a gallon at the beginning of the year, that milestone has been far exceeded and only continues to go up.

How is this affecting the trucking industry with no slowdown in pricing in sight? The smaller carriers are struggling to keep up with the massive change in operating expenses while owner-operator drivers are having difficulty making ends meet with such a drastic change.

In the end, the only companies that make it through to the other side are those with superior management ability. Companies must be able to tweak costs immediately if there’s a chance of survival as a result of these added costs.

Truck Data Analytics Improving Efficiency

Trucking analytics are just as important as running data for any industry. The top carriers use analytics to ensure operations continue running smoothly and efficiently. With a detailed insight into the fleet status and the location of trucks, management becomes easier and the customer remains happier.

Over this year, more trucking companies will implement these data analytics platforms for more insight. As the processes continue to be streamlined, truck drivers will also be more satisfied and no longer feel micro-managed during every transport.

A Shift in Production Locations

There’s been a massive shift in where companies are headquartered. For a trucking company, it’s important to consider a centralized location that reduces the cost of operation. With so many shifts happening, 2022 is the year when the freight industry may re-evaluate where its production locations reside.

For now, we are seeing both Pennsylvania and Texas earning more flatbed vehicle production facilities. Additionally, reefers have been moving to Illinois and California. On top of that, dry vans are moving to Ohio, Illinois, and Texas.

With a new production location, demand for goods in the US can be better met. Considering the rising cost of fuel, it only makes sense for companies to find a location that will save money and time. Of course, it’s also difficult to find a site for a reasonable amount of money with the increasing property values.

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