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When looking to apply for any job, not just truck driving jobs, you’ll often notice that companies want to hire people with experience in the field. If you are looking at truck driving jobs in particular, you might wonder how much experience is required to be hired as a CDL Class A truck driver. You might be concerned that you won’t get one of the best OTR trucking jobs if you have little to no experience driving CDL Class A trucks. Let’s discuss, in-depth, the average CDL truck driver experience required by most trucking companies, why driving experience matters and how much more you can expect to get paid if you are an experienced CDL Class A truck driver. All across the United States, experienced CDL Class A drivers are always in need.
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Average Experience Needed to Get Hired as a CDL Class a Truck Driver

For most truck driving jobs, companies will require (at the least) between 3 and 6 months of Class A CDL truck driving experience. There are some companies out there that are willing to take on newly licensed drivers with little to no experience, but they are harder to find and entry-level drivers will often earn less. However, all drivers young or old have to start somewhere.

Why Does Experience Matter for CDL Class A Truck Drivers?

Getting your commercial driver’s license is important, but companies want to see that CDL Class A put to work because it offers peace of mind and lightens the concern of liability. When you have prior CDL Class A driving experience, it shows that you know what you are doing, are familiar with the day to day processes, and have been doing it for a long time which eases the worries of a potential new employer. Driving experience could mean that there’s less training that needs to be performed. Less time spent in the classroom means you’ll be behind the wheel of your rig quicker, earning money faster. Still, not to discourage entry-level drivers, there are plenty of truck driver jobs that don’t require much experience and are willing to train.

Do Experienced CDL Class A Truck Drivers Get Paid More?

As with any position, trucking jobs pay based on experience. Experienced CDL Class A drivers earn an average of 65% more money than entry-level drivers. If you don’t have adequate Class A CDL truck driving experience, you will often make less than someone who has been driving their entire adult life and fairly so. Once you hit about 3 years of experience, you will start to earn more and won’t be considered a “beginner” any longer. Of course, the most experienced CDL Class A truck drivers often make top dollar simply because they don’t need training and are seen as a reliable asset.

How Much CDL Class A Driving Experience Does LCL Bulk Require?

To drive for LCL Bulk, you must have a valid Class A CDL and at least 1 year of tractor-trailer experience. We offer some of the highest paying CDL Class A jobs in the Midwest and Northeast regions of the United States for beginner and veteran truck drivers.

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If you are a licensed Class A CDL truck driver with at least 1 year of experience, we invite you to apply with LCL Bulk. We have regional and OTR trucking jobs throughout the Midwest/Northeast United States. Among the lucrative CDL Class A driving jobs we need to fill right now, drivers are needed out of our locations in Elizabethtown, PA and Elkhorn, WI. Our CDL Class A jobs include transition pay, competitive benefits, driver training and other perks that your typical trucking companies don’t offer. Start driving with a company that values your experience (or start your new driving career today) and see what a difference it can make to drive with LCL Bulk.

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