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Before starting a new trucking job, learning some significant facts about truck driving is helpful. We have you covered, from understanding the most critical truck driving safety tips to finding some quality accessories. Follow along with us as we cover the seven things you should know before getting on the road.

1. Know Your Safety Procedures

You should always know how to check your truck and what to do if you see something unsafe. You don’t want to be on the road with a dangerous rig. Follow a standard checklist every time you stop, ensuring you get to your destination on time and safely.

2. Have the Right Truck Driver Accessories

You could choose to have many truck driver accessories on hand, but not all of them are worth the money. We recommend you research ahead of time and only purchase what will benefit your drive. You can find anything you dream about, from mobile communication to comfort features.

3. Check Your Blind Spots

When you are behind the wheel of your truck, you must always think about what’s in the blind spot. There’s an area that’s tough to see, so take your time examining what’s next to you before making a lane change. With a few extra seconds, you can avert a disaster from occurring.

4. Be Careful When Making Wide Turns

Turns are also dangerous when you are in a truck. Take your time if you haven’t grown accustomed to how wide the turns will be. You will need extra space to get around that corner, so judge accordingly.

5. Develop a Good Relationship with Your Dispatcher

Your dispatcher has a tough job to perform as well. That’s why you always want to be patient and respectful when dealing with dispatchers. With the right communication skills, you can work out any problems and enjoy working together. Be willing to listen and slow to speak. Who knows what you might learn as a result of this new practice?

6. Know What Your Company Expects of You

Every company expects different things from its employees. Even if the industry is the same, employers all have unique expectations. It’s best to figure these out upfront to ensure you aren’t going to disappoint anyone. If the expectations are unrealistic, it’s best to move on immediately rather than try to conform.

7. Know What Type of CDL You Need

There are many different CDLs available to earn. You want to ensure that the CDL you choose and train for matches the driving you hope to do. Otherwise, all your time and money were wasted. We always recommend signing up with a trucking school in person or online to ensure you receive good guidance. It’s also good to work with a training team before starting until you learn how to be on your own.

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