4 multiethnic Class A CDL licensed drivers with no experience standing in front of semi trucks.

Are you a Class A CDL truck driver with no experience? If so, you might wonder how to get a CDL job with no experience. Thankfully, there are long-haul trucking jobs with no experience needed; you just need to know where to look. We will look at some Class A CDL jobs that might be right for you and show you the steps you can take if you have a CDL but no experience.

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CDL Class A Jobs for Drivers with No Experience

You might want to consider these types of entry-level CDL Class A jobs.

  • Truck Driver Trainee – work with an existing driver to gain experience.
  • Refrigerated Truck Driver – haul cold goods.
  • Delivery Driver – gain some experience behind the wheel while delivering packages.
  • Bus Driver – with the right certifications, you can drive local buses.
  • Straight Truck Driver – many companies are looking for help.
  • Construction Equipment Operator – consider driving a dump truck for the township or state.
  • Plow Truck Driver – clear snow and get paid with local companies.
  • Service Truck Driver – railroads are often hiring for this position.
  • Lumberyard Driver – move lumber around the yard for a local company.
  • Local Messenger Driver – you can deliver critical packages locally.

Trucking Companies That Hire Entry-Level CDL Class A Drivers

First-time CDL driver jobs aren’t hard to find if you are willing to look for them. You can find OTR trucking jobs with no experience at many of the major carriers. You might need to work with a teammate for a while, but it’s better than not having a job. You can also seek out no-experience CDL driver jobs that don’t require a tractor-trailer, such as the options listed above.

Is the Demand for Entry-Level CDL Drivers Growing?

According to DriveCo, there is an increased demand for Class A CDL drivers, and there aren’t enough people to fill the spots. Because of this, it’s easier than ever to get truck-driving jobs with no experience. If you want the best CDL jobs with no experience, you only need to search a little harder. You might even find higher pay rates moving forward.

The Importance of Entry-Level CDL Class A Drivers in the Trucking Industry

As more people shop from home and more items are being delivered across the country, the need for drivers continues to rise. Now is the time to find CDL Class A jobs with no experience. Without people filling these vital roles, the entire economy feels the loss, which is why companies are now offering higher pay rates and more benefits.

LCL Bulk Hires CDL Class A Drivers in the Midwest & Northeast United States

If you are looking for a Class A CDL truck driving job in the Midwest or Northeastern region of the country, we might be able to help. At LCL Bulk, we hire entry-level with at least 1 year of verifiable Class A CDL experience and experienced CDL Class A truck drivers to meet the needs of our customers. Currently, we are looking for drivers in PA, WI, IL, IN, and NJ. If you think you are a good fit, apply with LCL Bulk!

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