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Trucking careers are in demand, thanks to the great benefits and a versatile lifestyle. Before starting this new profession, you likely ask yourself something like What do trucking companies expect from drivers? We look at the top seven expectations to consider before starting a new career at LCL Bulk Transport.

1. Qualifications

First, you must have a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). While a college education isn’t necessary, the CDL is a must-have. You can’t legally drive a commercial vehicle without it. The requirements vary by state, so it’s best to check local guidelines and enroll in a nearby school.

2. Education

There are varying types of trucking schools available for prospective truckers, and each can give you the education you need to have a successful career. You may also choose on-the-job training with a qualified employer instead of attending trucking school, which can also offer the skills and education needed to make a transition in this sought-after career.

3. Experience

You can get a trucking job without experience if you are willing to take less pay and are willing to shadow someone who has the expertise necessary to make you a successful driver. However, you are going to have more opportunities and better pay if you have some experience. Most companies prefer three months of experience before hiring you as a driver.

4. Technical Skills

Today’s trucks are equipped with a lot of high-tech equipment that you need to understand. With the Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) and safety systems, you want to have enough understanding to be proficient and valuable to your employer.

5. Communication Skills

Even though you will spend a lot of time in the truck, there’s still a profound need for communication skills. Not only will you be dealing with your employer and other workers, but you will also have to communicate with people during deliveries effectively. It’s essential that you are personable and accommodating.

6. Ability to Handle Stress Effectively

Trucking is not a stress-free job. There will be times when you have to deal with many hurdles throughout your day, whether it’s equipment malfunctions, traffic, or even late shipments. You must be able to deal with this stress by keeping a level head and maintaining a good attitude.

7. Responsibility

The employer wants to know that you take your job seriously. You might be subject to any drug and alcohol testing, which the employer sets. There could also be a pre-employment test, along with periodic checks. The employer needs to ensure you aren’t going to cause accidents or injury, which is why this testing is valuable.

Every trucking company has different rules and regulations. Understanding what your employer expects of you before you go to work with them is beneficial not only to your prospective employer but also to you. Otherwise, you could be disappointed if you turn out not to be an appropriate fit.

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