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A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is vital for people who wish to get truck driving jobs.  You may be wondering what a commercial driver’s license is, what a CDL class is, or how many CDLs there are. A CDL is a license that allows drivers to offer their services in the commercial field. The CDL class determines the type of driving job you qualify for and what you are permitted to haul. There are three types of commercial driver licenses: Class A, Class B, or Class C. Each CDL license allows the operator to drive certain types of vehicles with varying weights. For instance, a Class A CDL qualifies the driver to operate a truck that registers a total weight of 26,001 pounds or more when loaded, inclusive of a towed vehicle that weighs above 10,000 pounds. Typical CDL Class A jobs include regional truck driving, over-the-road (OTR) truck driving, long haul truck driving, local truck driving, delivery truck driving, and heavy equipment truck driving.

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Truck drivers with a Class A CDL can legally and safely operate vehicles such as flatbeds, livestock carriers, tractor-trailer buses, tractor-trailers, tanker vehicles, and truck + trailer combinations. No matter the type of trucking job you choose to apply for or the truck required for operation, a CDL Class A truck driver will be fully qualified and equipped to take on the task. If you are planning on getting into the trucking business, or want to expand your trucking career by upgrading to a Class A CDL from Class B or C, you probably have questions such as: When do you need a Class A commercial driver’s license? Which CDL do you need to drive a semi-truck? What jobs require a Class A CDL? Where can you find class A CDL trucking jobs? These questions are answered right here. Here are some common trucking jobs that require a Class A commercial driver’s license.

Regional Truck Driver

The Class A commercial driver’s license qualifies you for employment as a regional truck driver. A regional truck driver operates in the region in which he or she lives. A regional truck driver may, for example, run in the Midwest or Northeast regions of the United States. Regional truck drivers typically operate on fixed, predictable schedules, and their salary ranges from $29,170 to upwards of $70,000 annually.

Long Haul Truck Driver

Another trucking job that CDL Class A drivers are eligible for is long haul truck drivers. A long-haul driver operates on routes that extend to thousands of miles. These routes may be within a specific region or across the entire country. Many of these trips take days to weeks to complete and therefore require mental and physical endurance. Like OTR drivers, long haul truck drivers earn a pretty penny with an average salary of $65,000 annually.

Local Truck Driver

Local truck drivers also need a commercial Class A license to operate legally in the US. These truck drivers operate in relatively smaller regions than most other truckers. By comparison, they cover much shorter distances for each route. Typically, they are hired to make deliveries or facilitate transportation. You must be classified as a class A commercial driver to work as a haulage driver moving units that carry livestock as well.

Heavy Equipment Truck Drivers

Next on the list of CDL Class A jobs are heavy equipment truck driving. These types of driving jobs include over-the-road truck driving and flatbed unit driving. Over-the-road (OTR) truck driver jobs entail the movement of tractor-trailer combinations over varying distances. These drivers must be prepared to spend an extended period of time on the road. Additionally, they are typically required to handle the loading and offloading of the cargo being hauled. Naturally, this category of driving job trumps all others when it comes to paying rate. A heavy equipment OTR truck driver can expect to earn up to $75,000 per year.

Driving flatbeds and trailer units require Class A CDLs since these drivers transport industrial grade and heavy-duty cargo. This type of hauling is pretty technical, and drivers need to pay meticulous attention to safety standards and precautions.

Flatbed drivers, for instance, transport unconventionally large items. These items cannot be transported by trailer and have to be mounted on a flatbed instead.

Delivery Truck Driver

With the commercial Class A license, truck drivers qualify for delivery jobs. These drivers transport commercial goods from a source to consumers, wholesale outlets, and retail stores.  These deliveries are typically within business hours, and so most delivery drivers will operate on fixed schedules. In exceptional cases, delivery drivers may be assigned jobs that require night delivery or entail long-distance driving, but this is not the norm. On average, a delivery truck driver earns $29,170 annually when driving a light truck and $38,700 when driving a tractor-trailer or a minimum of $27 per hour.

A lingering question you might have now is, does class A cover class B? This is a natural question since Class A is ranked above Class B in terms of what it allows you to drive. The answer is that with a Class A CDL, a driver can drive most of the vehicles that fall in the two lower categories (B and C) in addition to those categorized strictly as Class A vehicles.

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