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Have you ever wondered how to become a truck driver? If you are considering a career change or looking to start one, you might be interested in becoming a Class A CDL truck driver. Our article will discuss how to become a truck driver, the commercial Class A license requirements, steps needed to get your CDL, and the type of Class A CDL jobs you can find as a truck driver.

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Commercial Driver’s License Requirements

Before you learn how to get a Class A CDL, you want to know about the CDL requirements. For starters, to drive out of the state, you will need to be 21 years old. If you only plan to operate in your state, the age requirements will be 18 to 20, depending on local regulations. Additionally, you will have to pass some tests to receive your Class A CDL license. Aside from what’s needed to become a Class A truck driver, your employer might require further requirements before you operate a truck.

How to Get a Class A CDL

In general, here are the steps you would take to get a Class A CDL truck driver’s license.

  1. Submit your state’s application and appropriate fee.
  2. Prove your identity.
  3. Submit the Medical Examination Report Form plus a Medical Examiner’s Certificate Form.
  4. Pass your vision test, and take a knowledge exam.
  5. Receive your Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP).
  6. Fourteen days later, you can schedule the CDL road skills examination where you must pass the pre-trip inspection, road skills, and driving exam.
  7. Pay any fees required to obtain your Class A CDL.

Attending & Paying for Truck Driving School

If you choose to go to a private trucking school, you can expect to pay between $4,000 and $7,000. While this is a small price to pay to get access to the best Class A CDL trucking jobs, not everyone has that type of cash lying around. Still, you need to choose your trucking school carefully, because the right education ensures you get the proper CDL training to succeed. If you need help with the fees, look into tuition reimbursement, grant funding, or company-paid training.

Obtaining a Class A CDL

As you look at the jobs that require a Class A CDL, you see there are many more opportunities than if you were to get a Class B or Class C license. That’s why you want to go to a school that offers Class A CDL training. The time spent will be longer than other license types, but you will get better jobs in the end and have more career opportunities available to you.

Getting Your First CDL Class A Job

Not every company will hire entry-level CDL Class A truck drivers. You can ask your school what companies hire from the training program. Often, schools have close relations with local companies. Thankfully, Class A truck drivers are in high demand right now, meaning you can access more jobs than ever. You can specifically find numerous Class A CDL jobs in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, such as the trucking jobs we offer at LCL Bulk Transport.

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