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Even for some truck drivers, what it means to be a Regional driver in the trucking industry might not be so clear. We will be looking at what a Regional truck driver is, whether Regional drivers need to be a Class A CDL truck driver, and the difference between OTR (Over-the-Road) vs. Regional trucking. If you have been thinking about starting a trucking career, you will want to understand your options as becoming a Regional truck driver is quite popular.

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So, What Exactly is a Regional Truck Driver?

Regional trucking requires that you drive in a specific region of the country. So, a Regional truck driver operates in specific regions such as the Northeastern or Midwestern regions of the United States. Typically, it consists of a 1000-mile radius but can be much smaller than that. Most trucking companies assure Regional drivers are home most weekends, if not all of them. Regional trucking can require transporting any type of cargo, from refrigerated units to flatbed trucks.

Are All Regional Truck Drivers Required to Be Class A CDL Drivers?

Now that you understand what Regional trucking means, you want to know what license is required. Because the hauling itself isn’t different from OTR, you still need to be a Class A CDL truck driver. The only different aspect is how many miles you will drive and the area you are hauling in.

How is a Regional Truck Driver Different from an Over-the-Road (OTR) Trucker?

We have looked at what a Regional truck driver is, but you might be wanting to learn more about the differences between Regional trucking and OTR trucking. As a Class A CDL truck driver, your job will be the same with either role. However, the Regional truck driver definition shows that the areas you serve will be smaller with Regional driving. While your region could include just a few states, it might be as far as a 1,000-mile radius. Some companies even do half of the country for a Regional truck driver. The most significant difference with the Regional Class A driver is that they will be home most, if not all, weekends.

How is a Regional Truck Driver Different from a Local Truck Driver?

You now know how Regional trucking is different from OTR, but how does Regional differ from local trucking routes? The local Class A CDL truck driver will be home every night. These routes are typically within a 200-mile radius, allowing the driver to work eight to ten hours a day. While this driver is home every night, the local routes can be more difficult, requiring navigation of smaller roads.

What Type of Truck Does a Regional Driver Operate?

Aerial view of an LCL Bulk Freightliner semi-truck driven by our Regional Class A CDL truck drivers
Regional truck drivers operate all kinds of rigs. You can drive a tanker, car hauler, flatbed, and more. With your Class A CDL license, you are equipped to operate most standard tractor-trailers. Local, Regional, and OTR drivers are all trained to do the same job, just with different routes and work schedules. However, unless you have special endorsements on your CDL, you won’t be required to haul hazardous materials or oversize loads.

LCL Bulk Recruits CDL Class A Drivers for Regional Truck Driving

When you apply with LCL Bulk, you will find some of the nation’s best Regional truck driving jobs. Experience the excitement of seeing new areas of the country while still making your way home on the weekends. We are currently looking for Regional CDL Class A truck drivers in the Midwest and Northeastern parts of the United States. We also employ entry-level drivers with 1 year of verifiable “Class A” experience and provide transition pay to make the transfer smoother. When you apply with LCL Bulk, you are given access to the best equipment and a supportive team of professionals. No matter where you are in your journey, we have a job that’s right for you. Apply with LCL Bulk to become a Class A CDL driver in PA, WI, IL, IN, or NJ.

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