A white truck hauling a food grade tanker behind is parked in a gravel lot in front of storage silos on a sunny day.

Shippers are coming up empty when trying to find tanker truck drivers. What is causing the problem, and how can it be resolved? At LCL Bulk Transport, we look at the situation to determine the next steps.

Is There a Driver Shortage?

There has been a driver shortage occurring over the past decade, but the situation has gotten much worse recently. However, the problem doesn’t lie in one factor but is a mixture of multiple issues coming together at the same time. The most significant factor is a lack of qualified drivers.

Lack of Qualified Drivers

Recent estimates speculate that the industry is short 80,000 truck drivers. Even with trucking companies offering some of the best incentives, it’s been difficult for the leading organizations to keep enough drivers onboard to deliver goods. What’s causing the lack of qualified drivers? Let’s take a closer look at the different factors.

Contributors to Turnover

After the pandemic hit, many people took a closer look at their lives. Some people decided that it was time for a change, which led to some of the workforce moving on. Truck driving can be a stressful career, depending on who you work for. Truckers may have felt unappreciated or looking for something better.

Additionally, the average truck driver’s age is around 55. As these people continue to get older, retirement becomes more pressing. As the drivers retire, fewer younger drivers are ready to replace them, leaving companies with even more of a shortage.

The other issue is that young drivers are walking away from their careers. People sometimes get involved in trucking without understanding expectations, and they get overwhelmed and quit. It’s essential to have a solid relationship between the trucking company and employees for everyone to succeed.

Of course, all of these factors come on top of the existing shortage. Because the situation is so dire now, it’s become clear there’s a problem.

Become a Driver at LCL Bulk

At LCL Bulk, we are working hard to counteract the effects of the trucker shortage. To start, we have increased the pay given to our experienced drivers. We want our team to know how much they are appreciated. We also have some of the best benefits in the market.

When drivers work with LCL Bulk Transport, they can spend more time at home. Because we offer regional routes, there’s no reason to be away from your loved ones. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice good pay to be home. We also train newer drivers, ensuring that you have access to good jobs without a ton of experience.

We want our drivers to be successful so we can all win. If you are interested in a new tanker driver career, it’s time to apply with LCL Bulk Transport. Together, we can change the truck driving industry’s trajectory.

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